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Precious Paws is a locally owned, full service grooming salon with a professional team and friendly staff. We take pride in offering a safe, clean, updated environment. We want our clients to know their pets are in great care while they visit our salon! From a full groom for your cat or dog to a walk-in nail grind service, we cover the spectrum when it comes to your pet's grooming needs. We love all animals and treat them as if they are our own while in our care!




Appointment Times:
- Haircut appointments will take approximetley 3-4 hours while bath appointments will take 2-3 hours.

Appointment Cutoff:
- We understand traffic is crazy in Wilmington, so we allow 30 minutes to get to your grooming appointment! After the 30 minute time has passed, we will need to cancel and reschedule that appointment. 

Express Appointment:
-Express appointments are availalbe upon request when scheduling. All express appointments will be finished within 2 hours, and your pet will not be kenneled while here. Express appointments are charged an additional fee of $30.

-We do offer walk-in services for nail trims, face trims, or paw pad trims. We offer these Tuesday-Friday from 9-11am or 2-4pm or Saturday 10am-12pm or 2-4pm, however we do recommend calling first as some days are busier than others so we may not have availability for walk-ins that day.  

De-matting Fee:
- After 30 minutes of de-matting, an additional charge of $20 will be added per 15 minutes spent de-matting your pet.

Referral Discount:
   -Refer a friend and you both receive 10% off your next groom

Late Fee:
-Pets left at the salon more than 15 minutes after closing will be charged a $15 fee per animal

Pickup Times:
- We will call as soon as your pet is ready! You are more than welcome to call and check in on your pet, but we ask that you please wait until your pet is ready to come inside! Since we are an open concept salon the animals on the table get very excited when they see their owner and can make it unsafe to finish the haircut.  Pets are not required to be picked up within a certain amount of time once called, but appreciate you picking up your animal as soon as convenient to free up space for our next appointments. 

Anal Glands:
Anal glands are no additional cost to any grooming package, but must be requested by owner!

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