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Our Add on Services


Single Add-On Services


Pawfect Package - $25

-Nail Trim and Grind
-Full Paw Trim including paw pads and top of paws

Add on Trims

-Paw Pad Trim $10

-Full Paw Trim $18

-Sanitary Trim $10 

-Face Trim $20

Specialty Shampoos

-Blueberry Facial Package $10

-Seasonal Facial Package $10

-Whitening Shampoo $8

-Medicated Shampoo $8

-Flea Shampoo $10

-Mud Bath $10


-Nail Clipping $12
-Nail Clip and Grind $17
-Cat Nail Trim $17
- Nail Painting $15

Additional Services

-Ear Cleaning $8

-Teeth Brushing $10

-Anal Gland Expression $10


The Lo-Shed treatment is a de-shedding shampoo & conditioning treatment, coupled with special tools designed to remove excess hair from your pet's coat, drastically reducing shedding.

Add on to any package for $20!

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